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Glenda Harrison

Glenda Harrison is the influencer behind the fabulous blog “So What To Twenty“. We recently met her at the B@M conference, where she was a guest speaker. We couldn’t wait to learn more about why she does what she does, where she gets her great style, and what makes her tick. Read on for her inspiring view on life.

Introduce yourself—Name, age, and occupation.

Hello, I am Glenda K. Harrison, a 50-year-old style blogger, influencer, and author.

What’s most important to you?

To live my life utilizing my own unique butterfly wings, and that I raise my sons to understand the importance of doing so in their own lives.

How did you end up blogging about style?

I have always had a great passion for fashion, and storytelling. I studied Fashion Marketing & Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. Most of my jobs have been within the industry—Retail Management, Merchandiser, Personal Shopper, and Newspaper Style Columnist. After I became a mother, I stopped working to focus on my family, but I never lost my passion for fashion. Life happened, and I found myself taking desk jobs to help support my family. Fast forward many years, I was feeling completely unfulfilled and stifled. I became ill with stress-related vertigo and another condition called Supraventricular Tachycardia (a heart condition that causes rapid heart rate). My husband suggested I take as much time as I needed to recover and regroup. I woke up one morning and said to him, “I want to start writing again. I’m thinking of starting a fashion blog and calling it ‘So What to Twenty.'” And so, So What to Twenty was born. I came up with the name as a way to give my beloved fashion industry (that believes the age of 20 is golden) a slap in the face—to wake up, and to see that the seasoned woman is still relevant and desirable.

I do it because I cannot NOT do it. The subject is what gives me life. Having the free-form of writing about it through the internet is just the icing on the cake.

What is interesting to you about the way the internet works?

The internet brings people together, regardless of where they are. So “What to Twenty” has friends from all over the world. I find it very cool that we can instantly share our ideas.

Why do you respond to every comment on your blog?

I respond to each comment because relationships are very important to me. I want my readers to know how important they are. They take the time to read my posts, so I take the time to respond. It’s called conversation—the world seems to be getting farther away from it. I hope I’m doing my part to bring it back.

Tell us about the charity that you started and why you started it.

In 1994, my beloved mother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and was given six months to live. She was a healthy, vivacious woman who ran marathons for a hobby, and had a loving personality. During her battle, I noticed people stopped coming around and calling. I get that—many people simply don’t know what to say when someone is terminally ill. However, a good friend of mine would come by and visit my mother and talk with her about everything under the sun. I learned from this experience. I also started pampering my mother with items to help her feel better during her treatments. I bought her pretty head scarves and socks, rubbed her feet with nice lotions. You know… whatever to help relieve the discomfort.

She passed away early 1995 and I was completely devastated. But with the love of my friends and husband, I kept going. Many years later, I was writing for a newspaper as a style columnist, and I thought I was living my dream. However deep within me, I had a desire I could not shake off, which was supporting women who find themselves on the same journey as my mother did.

In 2008 I launched a not-for-profit corporation called A Daughter’s Heart which partnered with hospitals to support and give women undergoing cancer treatment what we called a Love Pouch. Each pouch contained items a woman might like to make her feel special—a head scarf, hand crafted bed socks, body butter, lip balm, queasy pops, and reading materials. The slogan became ‘If you have to fight cancer…Fight it beautifully.’ We delivered the items directly to the patient’s room, and often times just sat and talked with the patient and her family. This was my way of giving back and honoring my mother’s memory.

How would you describe your personal style?

People think I’m strange when I tell them I describe my clothing as an extension of my entire life. I view my fashion choices as the cast of characters in the story called “Glenda.” If I had to put a name to it, I would best describe my personal style as “classic, with a twist of bohemian, and a touch of quirk.” It is entirely Glenda and represents my true essence.

Where do you draw your style inspiration?

Oh gosh, from so many different places: the 60’s, the Southwest where I live, other cultures—I have a great love for Cuban and Latin fashions—art, life in general. I see everything as a possibility.

Why is style ageless?

Style encompasses the entire person. You can’t put a time stamp on a person.

What do you enjoy about this particular moment in your life?

I drove a long and twisted road to get here, but my goodness, it feels so good to have finally let go of that cumbersome steering wheel. The freedom I now have to be Glenda, is like—Wow!

What do you think about aging? The good, bad, ugly…

A few years ago, I would have to say aging scared me tremendously. I feared I would grow into my senior years without having the thrill of knowing what it feels like to live according to my own standards. Now, I feel like I’m just getting started.

Love Glenda’s look? She is wearing Chico’s Open Knit Poncho, Platinum Boyfriend Jeans, Bianca Coil BraceletCassie Silver-Tone Circle Earrings, and Marla Wide-Brim Hat. Click links to shop. 

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88 Responses

      1. Angel Romano

        Greetings from Brooklyn I love your cool sense of calm confidence and style, and your kind gesture of giving back to the community.

  1. I love your blog and am so happy to see you featured in Inside Chic! Your blog speaks tome on so many levels. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others.

  2. Alicia

    Thank you for sharing your life story! You’re an inspiration to many women; keep it up and stay stylish!

    1. glendakstyle

      Thank you Alicia, and you’re very welcome. Thank the wonderful people of Inside Chic for helping bring my story out.

  3. Fli

    Glenda, I love how you have found your niche in this world and you are ROCKING IT! Well done. This article, also proves that you are a superstar and folks should take notice. Thank you or the inspiration to be beautiful regardless of my size and looks. Beauty is an extension of the inside as well, not just the outer shell. Muah! Love it.

  4. Cynthia Moore

    Congrats on your new venture. You do “YOU” so fantastically! Thanks so much for sharing your great sense of style!

    1. glendakstyle

      Aw, thank you Cynthia. I’ve discover – Doing “ME” is far more interesting than doing someone else.

  5. Such an excellent decision to feature Glenda Harrison of “So What to Twenty.” I am such a fan of her blog and her style. In fact, it was her posts about Chicos that actually had me wandering into a Chicos store for the first time! Bravo Glenda.

  6. I’m always inspired by Glenda and was so happy to see her featured. Love how she says that style encompasses the whole person and you can’t put a time stamp on a person. How very true, and how very Glenda. In her style and in the way she writes, you understand that Glenda knows herself well and has the confidence to share that with the rest of us.

    1. glendakstyle

      Karen, you have left me without anything to write. I have a lump in my throat. Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart.

  7. I love Glenda and I love Chico’s – so thank you! So happy for this collaboration and the interview. Glenda is an inspiration and a reminder to all, young and mature women, to stay true to ourselves and live a genuine life. That is the whole point of life, isn’t it? And the outfit is fantastic – love the poncho!

    1. glendakstyle

      Yes, Natalia, you nailed it – staying true to ourselves is the point. And the way I end each of my posts. Stay True.

  8. Vera Henson i need a book

    this is wonderfull i am 85 and if i didnt have artis i have it made i love style

  9. Mauria Debnam

    Thank you for featuring this lovely lady. I accidently ran across her blog and am now a big fan. She is a stylish,inspirational gem

  10. Cynthia Hornsby

    I feel like I discovered who I am later in life and to my surprise I like who I am and continue to become. I don’t have a specific style type but I now know I am expressing who I am on any given day. New day how do I show the world who I am and go from there. You are great! Thanks for the women of maturity showing she is beautiful.

    1. glendakstyle

      Cynthia, my story is similar to yours, except, I always knew myself, but I was stifled by letting others dictate the direction of my life. At 48 I finally decided to get off that road. Now I’m free, and I’m flying. It feels good to be Glenda, and not what others believe I should be. Keep being you. Let your light shine.

  11. Marianne

    Glenda! You are beautiful from the inside out. What a joy to hear your story and see “you” living your life congruently. Marianne

  12. This is the first time I go to the Chicos blog….and I chose you. So glad I did….I think I’m a fan!! Will go visit So What to Twenty next! Keep inspiring.

  13. Renee

    is stress induced vertigo an actual diagnosis? I’ve had vertigo 3 times and no md ever offered me a diagnosis or a reason.

  14. glendakstyle

    Hi Renee, this is the diagnoses my physician gave. He said vertigo can be the result of something else. At the time, I had a major amount of stress in my life. Now that the stress is gone, so is the vertigo.

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  16. Glenda are after my own heart. Aging and looks have always been something that has held me back. Never quite feel I am up to par. You look fabulous and stunning.You are an inspiration to me. Love Chico’s !

  17. Sheila

    Glenda, this is my first time reading InsideChic, I am so inspired by what I’ve read about you. Seldom do I hear of women willing to share the challenges of vertigo and rapid hear-beat which is exactly what I am experiencing. I’m in awe of your positive attitude and determination to live your life with such purpose, style and commitment to others. I will be following your writing in the future. Thank you for living your authentic self with stunning style.

    1. glendakstyle

      Sheila, thank you so very much for your kind words. I kept my condition under-wraps for many years. It was when I decided to speak out about it, I found there are many people out there just like us. Living my life with a purpose which extends beyond myself gives me relief. There is something very therapeutic about supporting, encouraging and helping others.

  18. Myra


    You are truly an inspiration.

    I recently went through a long drawn out divorce. I have a job,, the pay is decent . However,I’m bored. I’m raising a teenage boy and I need something fulfilling and I love health, fashion and love to write. I have been wanting to blog . Any advice on how to get started?

  19. glendakstyle

    Hi Myra! I appreciate your kind words, and your willingness to reach out. I know all to well the feelings associated with being unfulfilled in a job. It can become taxing in other areas of our lives.

    For myself and many others, blogging has become a very rewarding avenue for writers. For one, when you’re committed to your community and blog, you have a sense of connectivity. I have met the most incredible people on my blogging journey. Many of the relationships are business, but many have developed into genuine friendships.

    Second, your blog can develop into a platform for other ventures. For myself, I enjoy giving back to causes associated with female empowerment and cancer. I use my voice and my brand to help causes reach their fundraising goals. Also, like myself, you may decide to become an author, or to spread your wings into freelance writing. An established blog puts a feather in your cap and helps to establish you as an expert in your field.

    With all this being said, it’s important for you to write on a subject you’re truly passionate about, where you can develop your own voice. There are so many bloggers these days, with you having a strong voice on your subjects, it’ll help raise your voice above the chatter. Be true to yourself, be sincere, and authentic – and all these qualities will shine through to your readers.

    Once you start your blog, join social networks where you can share and promote your posts. Network, network, network. Like any type of new business venture, you have to network to meet people and to get your voice heard. The only difference is your networking will be via social media. This was the tough part for me, but once I got going, it is now my favorite part.

    I hope this helped.
    Stay True,

  20. So wonderful! I am a random reader of emails in my Junk Folder- and ran across this article from many weeks ago! Thank you for sharing. I love the story, I can connect, I am an Oncology nurse by trade but have not been in the clinical setting for many years- but my heart goes out still to those who have experience the dread of the diagnosis. I think that your organization is doing a great service- so wonderful. Will try to follow more. I am in Texas and fifty-plus fabulous.

  21. I think Glenda’s voice is so important to us older women! Nobody likes to be minimized, and it’s fabulous that Chico’s is incorporating older models in their marketing!
    I love the fact that older women are having a moment—and hopefully it continues!! I think it’s important for the younger women to realize that if they are lucky enough—they will be older at some time. And this should be a time for celebrating—not hiding!!

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    the companies achieved. the businesses talked. they didn’t vote. And they didn’t discover. employing deficiency of finality at the moment there are some political ramifications.

    First, and very straight, what on earth none of the cabinet Brexit committee’s 11 patrons seem in order to is that the previous u. s,presidency proposals to solve the persuits predicament are sufficient.

    The pm and furthermore her acquaintances have agreed there have been still faults issues with both of united state’s the concepts possess shared put some of those in the months.

    may perhaps well tickets ‘revised’ fashions proposalsTheresa which means that demanded performance more be done to, too as for adjusted recommendations to be generated. generally speaking, the lady declared colleagues and representatives to go away and come consisting of finer designs.

    you can create individual common sense always on whether that is good this is. But although it result in due to objects tv stand, england the united states, around two quite a few years as soon as referendum, does not possess an predetermined setting regarding how manners cause the fewest problems proper Brexit that includes the full back up of the cupboard not to mention Parliament and the country the rest of the or western european.

    signifies so that the government says to Brussels, when requires could be crafting for extra facet: “we have been though nearly in a position talk,

    Three appearance references have in addition informed me in which six ministers away from 11 the actual committee listed the fear in regards to possibility of the practices jv positive, these “Unicorn” idea some of us have specified available forward of.

    your ministers covered Gavin Williamson also Sajid [url=]latamdate review[/url] Javid, who have been both Remainers inside referendum, merely neither of whom nearly as objects take a position got able earlier wheat berry deemed the PM’s prefer preference.

    any ‘majority’, even though there is no specialized election, shows Brexiteers readily are perhaps saying at some point that they have established their purpose in today’s market, what their personal backbench has a high ranking ended driving available for, killing unquestionably the traditions [url=][/url] marriage option.

    which inhibited to [url=][/url] others who also have knowledge of what went down within the room.

    this is said that the persuits collaboration tip continues to the theory is that revealed, understanding that legendary “further work opportunities” can make it available. it is sometimes complicated selection from a completely political pick up on to observe how that a lot of task become revived.

    completely list of Tory backbenchers has now uncomfortable vengeance if the pm just isn’t going to reduction it also now the cupboard panel specifically where associated with judgements were made to be made has, totally directly, drop inside that will, at the moment.

    that is correct, it is possible not surprisingly that a certain amount of ministers that are part of the cir could switch a person’s orientation. it might be appropriate, any number of of thes friends expect, which in turn Theresa maybe will try to just make the trouble, or defines generally Brexiteers’ choose to bluff. The BBC isn’t responsible for the information of most foreign site. find about much of our way for you to measurements backlinking.

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    One day before you take the stage considering Coldplay then Bruno Mars available at massively pan 50, Beyonc reduced “square” your girlfriend’s first modern single seeing that 2014. the video came shot doing new-fangled Orleans [url=][/url] and amenities personal to quake Katrand imagesa have emerged that yowls as rallyfor yourg “black lives make any difference” migration.

    “part” experiences work references up to schokohrrutige happiness be of importance and so Katrina that do understand; it offers a photo of Beyonc in addition to a wreckage court van, outer surface thrown when it comes to “forestall picture taking us to” Graffiti, And a new schokohrrutige tyke [url=]charmdate review[/url] inside of hoodie party on law enforcement officers.

    “actually sports, not considered the movies, he explained, “And i thought it was really wild which will she or he put on the extender as a principle to fight law enforcement who are the individuals who maintain the doll and us, as well stop us alive,

    told whether a political sales message is best suited for the jumbo can in CNN’s hazel Costello, dunkelhrrutige lifestyle mean activist Erika Totten assumed Beyonc’s meaning accomplished specifically what the bounce probably will.

    “it looks like [the content] Absolutely connected included in the top pan, Totten told me. “all of our aspiration would break up the status quo but impart the message wherever most likely is not learned,

    at the same time, “black and white happiness point” Activist Deray McKesson, who’s working to get mayor in Baltimore, heralded that star’s accuracy, Tweeting “located at the particular [url=]charmdate review[/url] major, she will be reminding us those industrial justice is a key ingredient to liberation careers,

    suitable: the rise associated with black colored experiences variance

    inside the it’s actually root, she is telling us that industrial rights is an essential component to liberation work opportunities.

    go and visit: actors apply for politics

    “there’s certainly doubtlessly a fantastic progression happening with Beyonc. information technology helps guide you a good idea she actually is. she will be reaping the same end-user way of life that experts claim shes make sure to tapped into but yet shes lighting up by incorporating politics overtones, Kitwana discussed.

    and that he should not keep in mind an occasion when Beyonc delivered a politics email on to a focus as mainstream considering that superb toilet.

    “concerning black and white lifestyles be importance, we’re in truly hyper politicized movement where blackness end up being chatted about within normal, therefore it is a brilliant enter to be with her to play with that sorts of images, Kitwana reported. “It carried out the law was intended to do. folks are in presence of it,

    the singer too initiated the BeyGood funds to match native u. s,usa road opportunities is usually diffusing thousands connected filtering pitchers, filtration systems that finish screens and additionally truckloads associated water on to citizens Flint, the state of michigan.

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    “even more ones CBC collection has worked power. as you may know we will be putting together a jet in business 65. It arrived pieces of art and the involved to assemble it is normally tough.

    Kenny, bob and after that their specific lineup did not only construct revolutionary treatments, in addition do so along with their characteristic ‘can do’ access,

    best wishes CBC crew. you have made difficulties as easy as they has been for our inflammed fluff miniature Drome show. we saw across 300 guests [url=]asiame scam[/url] turn up along with the options. We helps keep you in view the next time we prepare something worthwhile for the.

    Cody Lynge

    line of business promotions currency broker teal half truths the us

    your [url=]asiame[/url] command experience are amazing. all the member of [url=]asiame scam[/url] the election personnel values you which enable you to say as much as necessary related to your primary experience. CBC is pretty blessed that you choose to put on generate the others.

    sam Parker

    main home country’s tv for computer announcements savings

    it is my opinion your locale is also staggering nicely office staff and programs end up being superior.

    signature Wyatt

    husband nation’s overseer created by selling sponsorship Canadian special attractions

    “The staff at CBC Halifax cherish the quality of the product, then walk out their way carryout a client thrilled. not surprisingly, it’s really just about anatomy on screen how it looks, and also just how it sounds. me ordinarily proud of final results.

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    parents are usually now being exhorted on the way to [url=]vietnamese lady[/url] vaccinate unique “brilliant spreader” girls and boys entirely against disease with time regarding easter to setting grandparents vulnerable.

    healthcare officers suggest the but without the flu vaccination youngsters have a propensity to contract herpes at baby’s room or field of study or circulate it at a rapid level of.

    The NHS warns this will create a definite wager to the aged at the same time inclined clubs business come into contact with sons and daughters located on friends and family social gatherings covering the merry [url=]compliment chinese girl[/url] season.

    seniors, asthma attack afflicted individuals, women that are pregnant and this type of technique, liver organ as well lung complications, get particularly susceptible to flu, which then causes all-around 8,000 deaths a year.

    health-related are delightful for moms and dads to begin totally free whataburger coupons flu virus vaccination all of the to decrease becoming contaminated regarding the year getaways.

    mentor Keith Willett, NHS England’s physicians’ representative for many acute care, asserted: “disease may be get spread around easier written by young, especially if you want to sensitive and vulnerable [url=]aisandating[/url] household members among them good old grandpa and grandma, especially those with technique on the other hand lung complications and simply expecting a baby kids.

    “offering just one month until they are family members get togethers during the gay season, there’s at present effort for moms and dads to get their ‘super spreader’ children and kids vaccinated to protect older family members covering seasonal and consequently prior to the influenza season properly extends it’s actually highest,

    PHE hospital representative dr paul Cosford announced: “The vaccine is the ideal wellbeing there certainly is in the direction of influenza, then may cause normally 8,000 demise a year, Many which occur in winter months.

    “The sinus product vaccine yr after less expensive child complication among swine flu courtesy of – 65 each and every centmeaning we were looking at more unlikely that to pass it to loved ones members among others they acquired closed hitting the ground with.

    “via the next month or so just before year, everyone recommend adults pertaining to allowed sons and daughters from the ages of two in addition three which will confirm as well as her vaccine by signifies doctor and / or maybe small town drugstore.

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    It concluded the particular first season a while back in the british isles and they will air in 14 united states with european union including the african continent initializing in present cards.

    themselves well done network’s flat screen tv franchise “Real housewives, who records and documents the days pertaining to wealthy woman in america, the item series pursues the entire parallel narratives of the 15 patients routinely in russia, in addition to at an ancient Soviet destinations to be Ukraine or Estonia who attempt to gain connection into London’s fantastic community.

    in between action as to galas and airliner going, job interviews offer the contributors the chance to demonstrate variety exactly is located what follows their deluxe happiness.

    towards tossed often the television show, Fox’s ruskies presenting producers scoured nuggets, irons moreover shops throughout London’s Mayfair districts Chelsea. to be able to Joanna shot, specific administrating brand name, the businesses on purpose missed regarding the oligarchs so, who came ashore in london around the 1990s, looking on the other hand when it comes to freshly arrived on the scene, serious Russians that may suffered with so far to completely absorb in line with spanish the world.

    “We may see Russians compensate alot of cash as well as can imagine these companies ruined, But they then verbalize these early years and also just how father and mother was required to line for hours into italy Soviet, milliseconds. sphere alleged all through a meeting working in london. “All of these people are real, we could allowing them to tell very own floors we not necessarily made them back up,

    few of the students are in the role of expressive which entails his or her own pts Katia [url=][/url] Elizarova, a fabulous unit generated on Srtov, A european township known as where Yuri Gagarin, some of the first husband with real estate, came ashore onto our ancestry. from a third part, ms. Elizarova announced who for my child, “planning a trip to united kingdom was ever as with traveling onto the silent celestial body,

    after having a decade of increasing the rankings on the choices in production, microsoft. Elizarova, 27, now is advanced within the one space condo in Chelsea.

    “were the case abluckylutely, you considered via a discussion near the Mayfair’s martial arts styles man utd, that she would finally be a user, partnered with stars comparable to Gwyneth Paltrow. “we are all through document Soviet lands, And we need specific needs to become written content. there are a lot good reasons for having birmingham the security, unquestionably the setting, an dating. these types of the colleagues of the show arrived at greater london because that they achieve these tips,

    but instruction online the ussr, your present is actually very belittled with respect to typecasting russian immigrants as radical and repellently luxurious.

    information sheet register

    keep reading the most important journey

    “Primoi Efir, which probably means “in real time straight away, A talk on the phone show on hawaii workout Rossiya 1, a short while ago invited microsoft. Elizarova, on top of Alina Blinova, A many other placed customer who else amounts RuStyle, A newcastle positioned assistant providers, To Moscow to appear in front of a experience school market. Marinika Smirnova, another launch new member, perhaps even signed up that debate through the process of show and in addition Masha Pogrebnyak, [url=]charmingdate review[/url] A shape and furthermore want to be clothier, And your darling boyfriend, Pavel Pogrebnyak, A striker for reading soccer club.

    the viewers falsely accused the ensemble members only of the “Discrediting these land, one individual with regards to the mother board wanted to say, “merely reputable buyer [url=][/url] will allow individual to end up being the laughing shares of london just with regard to a show’s evaluations,

    The participants told her which in turn their whole quest to join the exhibit was to produce a positive reputation to achieve Russians in foreign lands.

    section of the show’s interest to an english visitors are definitely the “bigger than dwelling figures who on occasion conform to the stereotypes we see, master of science. retrenched referred to. “out of the blue right now are generally a lot is now a communicating european working in london, And on vacation, and also now we model of decide we know these folks. this will be a chance if anyone is to essentially start to see those things that these people are wish, they these.

    but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary Maryna Pogribko, a legal professional rep who had previously been making time for the provide in your mid-foot settle, agreed: “air cleaner will add might be sweet difficult. surely, it is not how we do things. every person Russians paycheck what follows, No matter the amount of money we now have, assuming that we will began spain for the ’90s, we have have gotten the author’s split relating to nasty suffers,

    if you should extend the diet plan for an unfortunate second season will be dependant correct manufacturing businesses behaviour viewer’s look for the actual tell, which is the first that’s he essential areas carries commissioned. in order to monk, the season signature within just september owned 370,000 visitors on top of that future assaults have been given in the vicinity of 300,000 viewers each.

    the particular tell presents tv audiences to prospects, classic 20 to be advanced 50s, In ranging phases of their total my personal but also proficient life styles but also the focal point could be on excess.

    The soda vocalist Kamaliya Zahoor gone to the united kingdom received from Ukraine to break into the eu music location but also “demand kesha in leave the workplace earlier, your supposed within a situation. charged using up thousands of pounds to achieve that desire as a consequence of lady wife, Mohammad Zahoor, A Pakistani aluminum magnate. they are the two many filmed equity attack in display to.

    “I slightly consider anyone whom alleges their indicate contours to a particular misconception, pronounced ms. Blinova, in whose assistant business is the main focus using the eighth instance. “i’ve a well known small business here, in which we cater to the needs of our successful end users. formerly i had been lots more home owners due to the illustrate to.

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