Everyone Fall for Jackets

Jackets are your closet’s secret weapons: they update your outfit, keep you warm, and can be total showstoppers all in one. The key is finding the best version for your body. Luckily, we have options and answers. Scroll through to find the best looks just for you. 

The Moto Jacket

[twenty20 img1=”5549″ img2=”5550″ offset=”0.8″]

Perfect for Petites

Diminutive in stature? Rev things up in a style that’s iconic with a bit of edge. The trick is to avoid overpowering your frame. Motorcycle jackets are a perfect case in point. Look for shorter lengths, structured seams, and thoughtfully edited embellishments that add interest, without adding bulk. Click to buy.

The Collared Jacket

[twenty20 img1=”5551″ img2=”5552″ offset=”0.8″]

Hips, What Hips?

Pear-shaped proportions are beautifully balanced by a statement collar, like the one above. The heightened drama of this faux-fur jacket draws the eye up away, while the belt defines your waist, for a nicely balanced proportion. (Miracles do happen.) Click to buy.

The Blazer

[twenty20 img1=”5553″ img2=”5554″ offset=”0.8″]

Narrow Shoulders Solved

Quite possibly our favorite fashion power move. Slight frames command attention in a classic structured blazer. The secret? Look for sleeves with seams just beyond the edge of the shoulder for a subtle boost in width. Trim tailoring will keep your silhouette well defined. Click to buy.

The Bomber Jacket

[twenty20 img1=”5555″ img2=”5556″ offset=”0.8″]

Straight Frames, Right This Way

Your mission here: accentuate the narrowest part of your waist. A banded hem and slightly cropped length go above and beyond to add some curve in all the right places. (Tall girls, you’ll love how this style plays-up long legs, as well.) Click to buy.

The Military Jacket

[twenty20 img1=”5557″ img2=”5558″ offset=”0.8″]

Best for Bombshell Figures

If your shape is a little more busty, choose a cut that extends down the torso to streamline your silhouette, without fighting it. Symmetrical embellishments create a nice visual balance with beautiful precision. Click to buy.

The Cape Coat

[twenty20 img1=”5559″ img2=”5560″ offset=”0.8″]

Breeze-Over Broad Shoulders

Elementary, really: A loose-fitting layer helps de-emphasize a broader build. This A-line cape coat gives the illusion of structure without constricting your body. Arms are elongated, while a stand-up collar draws attention to your most show-stopping asset: your face. Click to buy.

The Trench Vest

[twenty20 img1=”5561″ img2=”5562″ offset=”0.8″]

Your Finest Hourglass

The timeless trench is a waist-defining wonder for all body types from straight to curved, tall to petite. (And in other news, the sky is blue.) We’re loving this abbreviated version, cut in a sleeveless vest that’s perfect for lightened-up layering. A tie-belt detail carves out a custom fit to complement your form. Click to buy.

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  1. As a long standing customer of Chicos, I have found them to be 5 stars in every respect: highest quality in merchandise, beautiful and unique styles, and customer service. I would, and have, recommended Chicos many times and will continue to do so.

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