Orchid Show

We don’t know about you, but we get ideas at the darnedest times. Sometimes they’re passing fancies like “wouldn’t it be nice to be in Hawaii right now?” while waiting for a train on a cold March day, but other times those thoughts may just be strokes of genius. Case in point: the following thunderclap which happened to one of our newest designers. The result is one of the loveliest prints we’ve seen in some time. And the best part? It’s exclusively ours. Read on for the whole story. 

Picture this: you’re a new artist in our fabulous print studio here at Chico’s and spring is your first season on the job. You’re looking for something exotic, rare and unique that would compliment the top fashion trends. You never know when inspiration will strike. It just so happened that this is precisely what happened to our newest in-house artist, Rosalind, while she was busy washing up the breakfast dishes one lovely Florida morning. Peeking into her view out the kitchen window was a beautiful orchid in full bloom. The flower’s soft, warm color palette was perfect for the new collection. And the meaning didn’t hurt either: orchids are a symbol of love and luxury, after all. She snapped a picture and thought immediately, “how can I use this to make a gorgeous print”?

The first step was to bring the picture to life in a way where it could be applied to fabric. She painstakingly recreated the orchid, petal by petal, on her computer with a photorealism program. She then took it a step further and added a textured geometric background to make the blossom’s brilliant colors really pop. The final print is based entirely on her original photograph. The end result is incredibly chic and utterly unique. We couldn’t resist sprinkling a little bit of this print throughout our latest spring collection. 

We used it on a scarf, a jean, and a top. We hope you love as much as we do! Find it here.


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17 Responses

  1. June Berkowitz

    I don’t like the cold shoulder look and many of the garments have that look, particularly the new summer look

  2. Lisalee

    Beautiful Orchid Top! I love the cold shoulder in this top. I can’t always or don’t like to wear tank tops, so these tops are great! Beautiful colors. Yeah Summertime !

  3. Janice Flythe

    Where is the long, flowy jacket that is pictured at the beginning of the story? That is what I would purchase!

  4. Linda J Cleary

    As soon as I saw the scarf, I bought it. I love it with all my orange tops and olive/fatique tops. I wear scarves year round, they add so much flare to plain tops.

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